about us

pfertzâ„¢ was formed with one purpose - to simplify the fertilization of planted aquariums, thus enabling everyone to grow beautiful plants. Many aquarium fertilizer dosing methods currently available are either overly complicated, too messy, or just too cumbersome. You shouldn't need a chemical engineering degree to understand how to fertilize plants. You should also have no need for precision equipment and calculators to dose properly. Growing healthy plants should be the easiest part of this hobby.

Creating beautiful planted arrangements is an art form. With the pfertz aquarium fertilizer system, the hassle of growing healthy plants is eliminated, the hobbyist can devote more time to expressing their personality and creativity through this extraordinary art form.

why use pfertz

pfertz products are created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Our bottles utilize locking pumps for spill-proof storage. Our products are also lab tested to ensure consistent quality. pfertz dosing systems are easy to use and perfect for all levels of experience. All you need to know is how many gallons of water your tank contains. No measuring, no fuss.