frequently asked questions

So what's with the name, and how it is pronounced?
Some believe the name is a shortened version of plant-fertilizers, others think it is German. We'll let you draw your own conclusions as to the meaning. As far as pronunciation, we like to pronounce it as 'ferts' (short for fertilizers) with a silent 'p'.

Is pfertz safe for my fish?
Yes, pfertz is quite safe for your fish if dosed per directions.

What volume of liquid do pfertz pumps dose?
The nominal pump volume is 1.2mL, but can vary a little higher or lower per bottle. This will give approximately 416 pumps per bottle.

What is the best time of day to dose pfertz?
The optimal time to dose your tank is shortly before the tank's lights turn on for the day. You may also dose at any point during the day, as long as your dosing time is consistent day-to-day.

How much pfertz should I dose on water-change days?
The only dosing you should do is 2 pumps per 10 gallons of water changed, after the water change. No other dosing is necessary on water-change day.

Can I use more than the recommended amount of roof ferts?
No, you should never use more than the recommended dosing of root ferts.

How deep should I place the root ferts?
At least 2 inches below the substrate surface or mid-depth in the substrate bed if it is deeper than 4 inches.

How do I contact pfertz?
For questions regarding sales or orders, send e-mail to  For customer service, support, questions regarding the website and all other inquiries, send e-mail to For news and updates, check our website often.

Can I contact pfertz by phone?
Although we maintain a business phone number, we do not offer over-the-phone support. Please contact us by email, see How do I contact pfertz? above.

Does pfertz have a catalog of products?
In the interest of saving trees, we do not print catalogs.  All of our products are listed on our products page.

Does pfertz have a mailing list?
We do not maintain a mailing list at this time.  For updates, check our website.

Where can I purchase pfertz products?
All products are available through our products page.  Our products are also available at local stores listed on our dealers page.

Can I buy empty bottles and/or pumps?
We do not sell empty bottles or pumps.

What forms of payment does pfertz accept?
We accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover. We also accept payments via PayPal and Google Checkout. Buying online is secure. We do NOT accept personal checks or money orders.

When will my credit card or PayPal account be charged?
Your credit card or PayPal account will be charged during the ordering process.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping costs are determined by the number of items, weight of all items ordered, distance they are being shipped to and method of shipment (i.e. UPS Ground, USPS Priority, etc.).  To calculate shipping costs, fill out the online order form, choose method of shipping and click the “Calculate My Shipping” link in the online order form. Shipping prices are determined by UPS and USPS, not PFERTZ, LLC.

Can I ship to a different location?
Yes.  Our shopping cart provides for entering separate billing and shipping addresses.

When will my order be shipped?
All orders are shipped within two business days once they are processed.  Our offices are closed on the following U.S. holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thursday and Friday during the week of Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

Does pfertz offer international shipping?
Yes. If you do not see your country listed in our shopping cart, please send e-mail to

How do I track my order?
Tracking numbers are generated by UPS or the United States Postal Service. If you do not receive a tracking number please check your junk mail first. You may need to set your email permissions to allow email from UPS or USPS. If you do not receive a tracking number please send e-mail to pfertz uses only UPS and USPS for retail orders.

What if my order arrives damaged?
Any damaged orders must be reported within three (3) days of receipt to and the damages will be remedied.

What is your refund policy?
pfertz does not accept requests for a refund.  Once an order has been shipped and left our facility, we are not able to resell the product(s).  If one or more products arrive damaged or you experience problems with use of our products, please notify us within three (3) days of receipt, or immediately when a usage problem occurs by emailing us at pfertz is not responsible for any order quantity, item, invalid coupon code, or shipment method errors on the part of the buyer.

How do I report problems I encounter on the pfertz website?
If you experience difficulties or encounter errors, please feel free to email We will immediately investigate any problems and resolve them as soon as possible.