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Most low-tech, low-light (under 2 watts per gallon) tanks don’t need much nutrition to sustain growth. All plants need micro & macro nutrients, but low-tech aquariums don’t need them in very high volumes.

If you have lower levels of light, and aren’t injecting CO2, this package will keep your plants thriving. Placing pfertz root ferts [r] in the substrate will supply all necessary micronutrients and iron to your plants via their roots, while pfertz nitrogen [n] supplies a highly concentrated dose of nitrogen and potassium to your plants through the water column. All of the phosphorus that your plants need will be supplied by the food that you feed to your fish or other inhabitants.

DIRECTIONS: Insert pfertz root ferts into substrate (at least 2-inches deep), placed every 6-7 inches. Dose nitrogen [n] 2x per week @ 1 pump per 10 gallons.

The Simple Solution includes 1 bottle of nitrogen [n] and 1 package of root ferts [r]. This system will dose an average low-tech 20 gallon tank up to 2 years.

Price: $26.99


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