Welcome to our testimonials page. If you are a pfertz aquarium fertilizer customer and would like to share your experience, please contact us at Nytasales@pfertz.com.

“I have been using Pfertz longer than anyone since I had the pleasure of beta testing the full line.  The first thing I notice was the stylish bottles and the ease of use.  It's a no brainer compared to other liquid brands and dry ferts.  The second thing was the immediate uptake from my plants.  The pearling seemed to happen with in minutes.  This is what I use to judge the health of my plants.  Lastly, I have fought a lot of algae at the initial setup with other liquid ferts and dry ferts but, for what ever reason I have not had this problem with the Pfertz line. Without a doubt I will be a Pfertz user for life. Thank you for making my hobby more enjoyable, instead of something I used to view as maintenance.  Keep up the great work and I look forward to new products added to the Pfertz line.”
- Roy D.- Chandler, AZ

"It's only been a week since I've been using your "Simple Solution" products but, boy, what a difference a week makes with the daily dosing of nitrogen and the root ferts.  Thanks a lot.  I will be a loyal customer!"
- Steve E. - West Hollywood, CA

"I have to agree that the pfertz are awesome. When I got the crypts the leaves were short, dull and broad, now they're long and a bright green, and i have little ones popping up all over the place."
- Paavn - California

"Been a month since the last update. The plants have been growing well. Can barely see the driftwood that was prominent in earlier pictures. In the last couple of weeks the Red Temple, Cabomba Furcata and the Red Tiger Lotus have really taken off. Once I started fertilizing with Pfertz liquid ferts and root tabs, growth skyrocketed.  The Tiger Lotus looks like it was one of Gilligan's Island's radioactive seeds. And a second one has appeared from amid the "Kompact", and taken off. Today there is one leaf on the surface and a second half way there."
- Rob S. - New Jersey

"Thanks again for the quick response. It's always good to know that a company's customer service is as good as their product."
- Bob A. - Vancouver, BC

"This I concluded that PFERTZ is a solid fertz product and I highly recommended. My plants are happy with it, the coloration of my plants are brighter with faster growth. On a personal opinion comparing to *******. Pfertz is a lot cheaper and better. You'll see results 1-2 weeks later when switching to pfertz."
- Gary - California

"Thank you for the informed reply, excellent customer service! I've done some research and found that pfertz is a top of the line brand and this proves it. It's good to I have a great staff at your company to rely for any future questions."
- Ian L. - Albany, NY

"Pfertz is sexy! The bottles and root tab container look great next to my tank. I've mixed my own fertilizers in the past, but I much prefer the convenience (mixing and delivery) of Pfertz. With the refill kits I can be upscale and still feel I'm using an affordable product. Very cool!"
- David M. - Conway, AR

"As far as ferts go, I use Pfertz aquatic fertilizer.  You won't find an easier and more effective method. One pump per 10 gals each bottle per day. It is that simple. I have mixed my own early on in my trial stages I wasted TONS of money on [other] products... Just not worth it."
- Harith J. - Mesa, AZ

"This is by far the best customer support I have ever experienced."
- Billy T. - New York

"This is pretty much my experience...I was using *** Step 1, then Step 2 and now I was using *** Lights, but the plants were not that happy, moving along, but not really shining. I switched to Pfertz and the difference is very noticeable. The Blyxa was looking brown and sad, now looks like is about to burst, gave me a new shoot in a week. The crypt's leaves were dull and not that healthy and now are shiny with great green streaks, even my Christmas moss is looking better already.  Great stuff, and I'm only using Nitrogen (has a lot of Potassium already) and Micros."
- Alex - Venice, CA

"Currently I am using the pfertz line of fertilizers with even better success - and it's so easy!"
- Eric O. - Utah

"The tank is really popping now, and the difference in just one month is astonishing. Most important is FINALLY I am enjoying this tank and hobby more than ever, and that is in no small part due to your serious help...Wow - I am so glad I emailed you. Thanks for the very informative response - I feel like I have a friend in the business."
- Sean T. - New Mexico

“I just wanted to say how amazed I am with your product’s performance.  I started using Pfertz a few months ago and from the start I saw a huge improvement in my plant’s overall heath and vibrancy.  I was using another “Brand Name” set of fertilizers with fairly decent growth, but I have to say that since starting Pfertz, all of my plants are THRIVING!  The ease of use is another great benefit.  Sure, you can measure fertilizers and dose with any of the others dry or bottled, but who needs the hassle, mess and extra time required to get your dosing straight.  Thanks for the great product, advice and service!”
– Mike T. - Scottsdale, AZ

“I've been using DIY ferts and recently I am trying pfertz. I have to say I like pfertz because it's really easy to squirt the 4 different chemicals into the tank and call it a done day. Even while away on vacation, the housesitter was able to do it without any problems. No more coming back from holiday to a tank full of pea soup! pfertz has been an excellent product to use and I'm glad I made the switch from DIY fertilizers. I have had more time to enjoy my tanks, which have been algae free, and more lush then ever thanks to your fertilizer system.”
- John N. - California

“I did a yearly clean up of a 29g planted tank. The plants in this tank are "nutrient hogs". Three good sized Amazon swords, including the mother plant, and many of her prodigy and a big Anubius barterii. The plants were struggling after I set the tank back up. Leaves were "hazing" (becoming transparent), browning out, and just dying back. I had done as I always have done, used root [ferts] and dosed dry ferts. The situation was not improving. It was to the point that I thought I might lose control of the tank. "Root shock" is always a problem when I do a massive yearly cleaning but this time it was in the critical stages. I wasn't about to give up and was looking to either find another plan or move the plants to another established tank.(Those are not hard to find in this house.) I have had the "Mama" sword for over 5 years and, just like some of us with our longer lived fish, I was not going to give up on keeping her healthy. I decided to give Pfertz a try. I had a control tank, the 29g, all ready to go. I new that this would be a nasty test, probably even unfair, but if the stuff worked......

Anyway, the product arrives. Like a kid at Christmas, I ripped open the box. It was well packed. The packaging of the individual bottles is nice. Each is labeled, has easy to follow directions, and comes in a 500ml squirt bottle with a locking pump. Pretty neat because when you are finished dosing, you can lock the pumps to prevent any accidental discharge. Especially great if you store your chems and ferts in a cabinet drawer like I do. Time for the experiments to begin.

I started with the 29g. Looking at the tank, I decided to remove all distressed leaves. Unbelievably, I filled a 2g bucket with prunings and distressed leaves. The swords looked almost naked. I also did a 50% water change to remove any residual ferts from previous "dry" dosings and removed the carbon filter I had put in the power filter to help remove the same. I dosed per directions, 3 pumps per each 5g for the initial dose. I also retraced similar steps on the 180g except pruning was not needed. Here we go!!!!

Within 5 days, the plants perked up, color was becoming darker and the plants overall posture was noticeably better. The Mama sword even has four new plants coming. The 29g was, wholly, making a comeback. Let me also say here, that I do use root [ferts tablets] too. But those were in the tank during the whole time, including immediately after the cleanup and the dosing of the dry ferts...

However, in the 13 days since the first dosing, I can say without any doubt that Pfertz made a difference. Not only do I think my plants are responding to the use of Pfertz, I do not have to mix dry fertilizers any more. With the number of tanks that I have to maintain, convenience and time saving are important.” “I stand here, now, telling you that I was going to lose that 29g tank. My usual routine was not affecting these plants. I do believe that this tank was going to be written off and never go through a yearly cleanup ever again. All of the years of experience, all of the info on the web was not going to help. The dry ferts I use, along with the plant tabs just weren't cutting it.

Pfertz is just a product that you will have to try to believe. But, I am now a believer.”

– Bob D., Indiana